PostHeaderIcon Marketing Hot Tips: August 2017

MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING ONLINE ON THEIR cell phones and tablets these days than on a laptop or desktop computer – and that trend is NOT likely to reverse.  So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be repelling a lot more customers than you realize.

So, how mobile-friendly is your website?  Go to: to find out.  It’s free.

I tested one of mine as I was writing this issue of Marketing Hot Tips.  The results came back in just a minute or two.  And I found out my loading time on mobile was only “Fair” compared to other “top-performing sites” in the same industry/category, and I was probably losing as much as 24% of visitors “Due to loading time.”

The good news is, after you complete the test you can request a report from Google explaining how to speed up your load time, along with other tips based on the results of your test.

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PostHeaderIcon You Can’t Afford Ads You Can’t Measure

There was a story in Sunday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal about how the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is going to spend some $1 million this summer advertising Las Vegas in four major league stadiums. The ads will be produced by advertising giant R&R Partners.

R&R executive vice president Rob Dondero told the paper that “big league ballparks are great places to advertise the Las Vegas tourism message because it fits into the summer awareness program of luring visitors to Las Vegas during the hot-weather months.” He further claimed that baseball park advertising would be effective “because fans in that sport show high loyalty rates to the companies paying for the signs.”

Really? How does he know this? And how will the convention authority know if someone books a Vegas vacation because they saw a “Visit Las Vegas” sign at Dodger Stadium?

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PostHeaderIcon The Power of Selling “Scarcity”

A well-known marketing concept is the principal of “scarcity.” People will pay a premium to get something of limited availability. In addition, they’ll act quicker to get something if they know delay may mean it won’t be available when they finally do get around to making the purchase.

This is why you see many travel sites list special hotel rates with a side note such as, “Only 2 rooms left at this price.” Knowing that, a customer is much more likely to stop shopping and start buying before someone else beats him to that great deal!

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PostHeaderIcon Happy “Pi Day”?

If you want to make more sales and earn bigger profits…you need to get into the heads of your potential customers. In the old days, this was called “playing mind games.” But in reality it’s nothing more than knowing how the average human brain works and responds and marketing accordingly.

If you haven’t read “Influence: The Art of Persuasion” by Prof. Robert Cialdini, do yourself a favor and get it. It’s a little dry at parts – after all, the guy IS a professor. But the information inside is worth its weight in gold.

Here’s one little “trick” he discovered in his research (and I’m paraphrasing here):

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PostHeaderIcon Are You Mistreating Your Online Customers Like This?

Watch this only if you sell your products or services online

This short 2-minute video would be funny…unless your business is guilty – knowingly or unknowingly – of treating your online customers in a similarly outrageous fashion:

Click here

PostHeaderIcon Sunday RV Ad Doesn’t Satisfy “Impulse”

We all know what an “impulse sale” is, right? It’s something someone sees and probably wasn’t thinking of buying – but after seeing it decided that, hey, that might just be something I want.

Not “need.” “Want.”

The front end of grocery stores in the checkout line is filled with “impulse items” you don’t “need.” Like the National Enquirer (which I LOVE, for reasons I’ll explain in future issues).

For an impulse item to sell, you have to be ready to take the sale immediately…before the impulse subsides. Makes sense, right?

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