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PostHeaderIcon Are You Mistreating Your Online Customers Like This?

Watch this only if you sell your products or services online

This short 2-minute video would be funny…unless your business is guilty – knowingly or unknowingly – of treating your online customers in a similarly outrageous fashion:

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PostHeaderIcon Sunday RV Ad Doesn’t Satisfy “Impulse”

We all know what an “impulse sale” is, right? It’s something someone sees and probably wasn’t thinking of buying – but after seeing it decided that, hey, that might just be something I want.

Not “need.” “Want.”

The front end of grocery stores in the checkout line is filled with “impulse items” you don’t “need.” Like the National Enquirer (which I LOVE, for reasons I’ll explain in future issues).

For an impulse item to sell, you have to be ready to take the sale immediately…before the impulse subsides. Makes sense, right?

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