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PostHeaderIcon Marketing Hot Tips: August 2017

MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING ONLINE ON THEIR cell phones and tablets these days than on a laptop or desktop computer – and that trend is NOT likely to reverse.  So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be repelling a lot more customers than you realize.

So, how mobile-friendly is your website?  Go to: to find out.  It’s free.

I tested one of mine as I was writing this issue of Marketing Hot Tips.  The results came back in just a minute or two.  And I found out my loading time on mobile was only “Fair” compared to other “top-performing sites” in the same industry/category, and I was probably losing as much as 24% of visitors “Due to loading time.”

The good news is, after you complete the test you can request a report from Google explaining how to speed up your load time, along with other tips based on the results of your test.

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