We all know what an “impulse sale” is, right? It’s something someone sees and probably wasn’t thinking of buying – but after seeing it decided that, hey, that might just be something I want.

Not “need.” “Want.”

The front end of grocery stores in the checkout line is filled with “impulse items” you don’t “need.” Like the National Enquirer (which I LOVE, for reasons I’ll explain in future issues).

For an impulse item to sell, you have to be ready to take the sale immediately…before the impulse subsides. Makes sense, right?

So anyway, I’m reading the Sports section in the Sunday paper yesterday. And on page 5-c there was what surely was an expensive half-page ad for Wagon Trail RV. Now get this…

When I woke up, I guarantee you I wasn’t thinking of buying an RV. I was thinking of fixing my first cup of coffee and wondering if the Harbaugh brothers would end the day looking forward to facing each other in the Super Bowl.

But after reading the Wagon Trail RV ad, I had an impulse to maybe take the family over and check out what they had.

I’m not in the market for an expensive, brand new RV, but who knows…if the deal’s right and they have used vehicles in stock, I might consider trading in my 10-year-old 12-passenger Chevy van for an upgrade.

And I figured it’d be worth a Sunday morning trip with the family, even to just look around…if for no other reason than the fact that looking at brand new RV’s is pretty cool. Kids love ‘em.

And it turns out wives and moms tend to prefer them over a tent, too. Who knew?

So I looked for the address and found it in the ad…right above this:

“Hours: Monday – Friday, 9 AM-5 PM”

In other words, after my “impulse” will have subsided.

Question: Why spend all of that money to advertise with such a large ad in the Sunday paper…if you’re not even open on Sunday? It makes no sense.

Sure, more people read the Sunday paper than on any other day of the week, but what good does it do if you’re not open for customers to immediately respond to your pitch?

I would have taken the family to Wagon Trail RV on Sunday morning (before the football games started!). But not on Monday morning (when I’ll be working!).

Are you operating your business for your convenience and the convenience of your employees…or are you operating your business with the convenience of your customers, including potential impulse buyers, in mind?

These are the sorts of issues we’ll be discussing and dealing with through the Nevada Marketing Association. I’m just getting it off the ground, so I don’t even have a new website designed and built yet. But if sales and marketing information to help you be more successful and profitable is up your alley, stay tuned.