MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING ONLINE ON THEIR cell phones and tablets these days than on a laptop or desktop computer – and that trend is NOT likely to reverse.  So if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be repelling a lot more customers than you realize.

So, how mobile-friendly is your website?  Go to: to find out.  It’s free.

I tested one of mine as I was writing this issue of Marketing Hot Tips.  The results came back in just a minute or two.  And I found out my loading time on mobile was only “Fair” compared to other “top-performing sites” in the same industry/category, and I was probably losing as much as 24% of visitors “Due to loading time.”

The good news is, after you complete the test you can request a report from Google explaining how to speed up your load time, along with other tips based on the results of your test.


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Words to avoid in your marketing?  “Help.”  It’s a negative word associated with therapy.  Also, “train.”  It’s associated with being locked in a classroom.  Use “show” instead.”

APPS AND HACKS.  If you ever need to have a video or audio transcribed to text, check out  Just $12 per hour of recording time!  And a turn-around time as little as 30 minutes.

Ever visited a website and thought it was exactly what you wanted for your own website but have no idea what website design, hosting, plug-ins, analytics, advertising, content management system, widgets, etc., their site is built with?

No problemo.  Just enter the URL into and all their secrets will be revealed!

Grammar-challenged?  Bad speller?  “Grammarly is the world’s most accurate grammar checker” and will make sure “everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free.”  Check it out at

Want to quickly and easily record incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone.  Check out  $9.95.  Just make sure you learn and understand the legal prohibitions on recording calls for your state.

Want to “Whip up graphics for social media, ads, blogs, and more without Photoshop or graphic designers”?  Check out and the quick 55-second explanation video on the home page.

Want to develop a series of emails inviting people to give you their email address, as well as follow up to lock them in with you?  Don’t re-invent the wheel.  Swipe-and-deploy email auto-responder message sequences from the best in the biz (just don’t plagiarize!).  Check out:

Want to ship products or sales kits in your own customized box?  Check out:

Project management software?   Check out:

Are you a pastor or minister who wants to grow your church.  There’s an app for that!  Actually, it’s a series of on-demand online training videos, including a “How to Get People to Give” class.  Go to:

Looking for royalty-free stock images for your website/advertising?  Check out  They boast of the “world’s largest stock community” with 62 million stock images from as low as .20 cents per download (and some are even free).

Another popular and reliable source:

IT’S BECOMING INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT to capture a prospective customer/client’s email address.  Folks simply aren’t signing up for “e-newsletters” anymore.  They’re already inundated with more stuff than they can read as it is.

William Painter sunglasses has an interesting twist to capturing email addresses.  When you go to their website,, you’ll get a pop-up window in which you can provide your email address in exchange for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate on the first of every month.

Interesting and fun pop-up when you hit the “Enter” button, too: “Welcome to the Family!  We generally deliver our news through carrier pigeon or bald eagle but to make sure we can let you know about new products and special offers we’ll email you here. – Patrick.”

So much better than “Thank you for subscribing,” don’t you think?  And the automated email confirmation is similarly untypical.  It’s a great lesson on what you SHOULD be doing with your own auto-responders.

Sign up yourself for a great, free education.  You can always unsubscribe once the lesson is over.

BUT I DON’T LIKE SPAM!  Spam, spam, spam, spam.  I hate it.  Sure you do, too.  And I used to get a TON of it.  Not any longer.

A couple months ago a techie friend recommended, and I installed, SPAM Fighter ( on my computer.

It won’t fix your spam problem overnight.  In the beginning, it’s a bit of a time-consuming process to flag and block spam domains that are flooding your inbox.  But a few weeks later and my inbox is almost 100% spam-free.

SOCIAL MEDIA CAN BE A GREAT MARKETING vehicle, but the posts most people put up are pretty much stinker-oos.  Here are 4 keys to making your Facebook and Twitter posts far more interesting and effective…

1.)  Be with somebody.  A photo of you with a customer, client or prospect makes them feel good.  A post with you and a celebrity makes you look good.  And the headline should be “(Celebrity) hanging out with (you),” not “(You) hanging out with (celebrity).”

2.)  Be somewhere.  An event, a conference, a rally, a dinner, whatever.  If something cool is going on, be there…and let social media know you’re part of the action.

3.)  Be doing something.  Dancing, dining, clubbing, zip-lining, bowling, traveling, touring, shopping…anything with action involved.

4.)  Ask for feedback.  Post a question such as, “What’s the best (insert)…?”

HOLIDAY PROMOTIONS SHOULD BE a big part of every marketing program because just the word “holiday” draws attention.  The four biggest are probably Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  But don’t overlook minor, obscure, even “weird,” holidays when putting together an annual promotion calendar.

A great one-stop resource for this is  Just click on any of the months of the year and you’ll get a list of interesting daily, weekly and monthly observances.  For example, August is “Happiness Happens Month.”  I’m sure you can build a promotion around that for ANY business.

There’s also “National Bargain Hunting Week.”  Got any special bargains you can offer to your customers that particular week?

There’s also Watermelon Day (August 3), Chocolate Chip Day (August 4), American Family Day (August 6), National Garage Sale Day (August 12), National Relaxation Day (August 15), Toasted Marshmallow Day (August 30) and over 150 more.

Just scroll through the list and let your outside-the-box creative marketing juices flow!

PEOPLE LOVE GIFT GUIDES.  In fact, an Experian study shows that Gift Guide emails have a 48% higher transaction rate compared to other holiday emails.

But what if you’re not a retailer with gifts to sell?  Not a problem.  You still get the good-will benefit of providing an online Gift Guide to your customers even if the gifts aren’t sold by you.  Just identify some great gifts and provide Gift Guide RECOMMENDATIONS.

You can also create multiple gift guide categories to keep your holiday promotions new and interesting, such as Books & CDs, Gifts for Children, Gourmet Foods, Gifts for Men, Novelties, Gifts for Women, Gifts for the Home, Gifts for Pets, Last Minute Gifts, etc.

And even if your Gift Guide isn’t loaded with your own products or services for sale, you should still come up with a gift of your own, even if it’s just a gift card or discount certificate, and promote it in the footer of your Gift Guide.

By the way, the same Experian study found that email subject lines with the word “best” in them – such as, “The Best Holiday Gift Guide” – did best as far as open and click through rates are concerned.

*   *   *   *   *

“Tough times never last.  Tough people do.”

– Dr. Robert H. Schuller

*   *   *   *   *

SAMUEL L. JACKSON IS A TRUMP-HATING liberal, but I don’t care.  I like his movies – even “Snakes on a Plane”!  I like the characters he plays in his movies.  And apparently I’m not alone.

According to the June 2017 issue of the No B.S. Marketing Letter, Jackson has starred or co-starred in over 100 movies which have collectively grossed over $11 billion(!) in revenue.  And according to Jackson, THAT should be the determining factor of success, not the Academy Awards.

“The Oscars should have a category for ‘Movie That Made the Most Money This Year’ and that would also be the best movie of the year.  Everything else is bullshit,” Jackson said.  “I don’t do ‘Oscar-bait’ films.  It’s a bunch of Hollywood assholes giving each other awards for films nobody even goes to see.”

The same can be said for your marketing.  It can be beautiful.  It can be aesthetic.  It can be cutting edge.  It can be controversial.  It can be clever.  It can be funny.  It can even be award-winning.  None of which means a tinker’s damn if it doesn’t sell the product.

“You can make yourself feel better with awards,” marketing guru Dan Kennedy observes, “but you can’t buy a boat with them.”

ARE BOOTHS AT TRADE SHOWS part of your marketing program?  If so, I just listened to an interview with Sheila Farragher-Gemma, owner of a company called Connected Sponsor, which helps organizations monetize their events.  And here are 5 great tips for folks who exhibit at such shows…

1.)  Don’t do what most other people do by putting a table at the front of your booth and separating the folks working at the booth from your potential customers.  Instead, put the table at the back of or to the side of the booth so it’s more open and inviting for people to stop by and come inside.

2.)  Size and location matter.  Think of your booth as a mini-retail store in a mall.  If it’s in your budget, spend the extra money to get a primo location at the front of the exhibit hall and a bigger-sized booth.  Both give you the appearance of being a “bigger player” – even if you’re not (yet).

3.)  “Get something that’s really eye-catching, something that will pull people in and make them want to come over and see what you’re doing.”  This was the entire idea behind Steve Wynn’s decision to build a “live” volcano in front of his Mirage Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

4.)  Have some cookies, brownies, cakes or candies available.  Sweets are like magnets for exhibit hall attendees.

5.)  Make sure you and/or the folks working your booth don’t have your heads buried in your computer, your tablet or your smart-phone as people are walking by.  “If you need to take a break, take a break away from the booth.”  And that especially includes meal breaks!

*   *   *   *   *

“Stop selling.  Start helping.”

– Zig Ziglar

*   *   *   *   *

THE PROBLEM WITH TOO MANY SALESMEN is they spend too much time with a customer trying to sell the customer instead of listening to the customer.

If salespeople would instead spend some time asking the right questions of their prospects, their prospects just might tell them exactly what the salesman needs to know to make the sale.

Here are 9 questions you might consider asking during the course of your conversation to help get your prospects to open up rather than shut you out…

1.)  What problems are you having with (insert service subject area you provide)?

2.)  What’s keeping you up at night?

3.)  Where do you think the problem is?

4.)  Why is that important to you?

5.)  Can you explain that?

6.)  Can you tell me more?

7.)  Would you please elaborate?

8.)  Would you please tell me why?

9.)  How do you feel about that?

I RECENTLY READ A BOOK TITLED “The 10x Rule” given to me by Real Chamber of Commerce President Brent Jones in which the author, Grant Cardone, wrote…

“The most successful CEOs are reported to read an average of 60 books and attend more than six conferences per year – whereas the average American worker reads an average of less than one book and makes 319 times less income.

“Although the media often discuss the disparity between the rich and the poor, they frequently fail to cover the amount of time and energy the wealthy have committed to reading, studying and educating themselves.”

I easily exceed the 60 books.

Years ago I decided I would read every night before going to sleep – even if it was just one page.  It was developing the habit of ending the day in a book instead of in front of the boob tube that was the key.  I started after reading this quote by success author Jim Rohn

“Poor people have a big TV.  Rich people have a big library.”

Indeed, many successful entrepreneurs and business people attribute a significant amount of their success to reading self-improvement books and books by or about other successful entrepreneurs and business people.

For example, in an interview with SUCCESS magazine, comedian Drew Carey talked about how self-improvement books and audiocassettes turned his life around after, as Dan Kennedy writes in his marketing newsletter, he “was twice expelled (from college) for poor grades, wrestled alcoholism and obesity, and twice attempted suicide.”

It was after the second attempt, Kennedy explains, “that Carey discovered and immersed himself in success and self-empowerment literature.”  He then went on to a successful stand-up comedy career, his own highly successful television show (“The Drew Carey Show”), and now host of the wildly successful “Price is Right” game show.

As Kennedy notes, “The study of wealth precedes wealth.”

Or as Earl Nightingale put it, “We become what we think about most of the time.”

YOU KNOW WHO ELSE IS A VORACIOUS READER of success books?  The current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Donald Trump.  Heck, not only has the president read a ton of success and motivational books on being an entrepreneur, he’s authored or co-authored a dozen of his own!

Since it became apparent that Trump was actually a serious presidential candidate, I’ve read four of his books (the fifth is on its way from Amazon as I write this).  I also recently finished an autobiography of Richie DeVos, founder of Amway and am currently reading a biography on Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic Airline and Virgin Records.

When not reading bio’s and auto-bio’s I’m reading books on sales and marketing.  And newsletters (like this one).  In addition, I rarely listen to talk-radio or music in the car; electing instead to use that time as “Automobile University” time to listen to podcasts or CDs.  Ditto when taking a walk or peddling on my stationary exercise bike.

If you’re not as successful as you’d like to be, and you’re not reading or listening to the equivalent of at least 4-5 books every month, the answer, my friend, ain’t blowin’ in the wind.  Get thee to a bookstore!

*   *   *   *   *

Don’t be a know-it-all.  Be a learn-it-all.”

– James Malinchak, Big Money Speaker

*   *   *   *   *

ARE YOU USING VIDEOS IN YOUR MARKETING?  If not, you should be.  Especially video testimonials from satisfied customers.  But what you do NOT want to be doing is hosting your videos on your own server.  It’ll slow up your website’s loading time like you wouldn’t believe.  And your video playback could well end up choppy and pixilated.  Not good.

Instead, set up a YouTube channel – FREE! – and upload your videos to YouTube first. Then grab the “share” code from YouTube and post the YouTube video on your website.

Another alternative, which is a bit more sophisticated but also more secure, is to use Vimeo, which costs $5/month – not exactly a bank-breaker.

OBJECTIONS ARE AN INTEGRAL PART OF SALES.  Rather than bemoan this reality, do something about it.

1.)  Make a list of all the most common objections you receive on a regular basis.

2.)  Address and overcome as many of those objections in your sales presentation BEFORE they’re raised.

For example, if you hear on a regular basis “This sounds too good to be true,” rather than wait for the prospect to tell you it sounds too good to be true, mention in your sales presentation – in person, on the phone or in print – that “Some people think this is too good to be true,” and then answer that objection BEFORE that objection is made.

Pre-empting an objection is FAR more powerful than trying to overcome an objection.

*   *   *   *   *

“Every marketing piece must have a call to action.  Every blog

post, every marketing piece, every everything has got to have it.”

– Cindy Cyr,

*   *   *   *   *

FAILURE IS AN INTEGRAL PART OF SUCCESS.  Most successful business people will tell you they learned a LOT more from their failures than their successes.

Thomas Edison famously “failed” thousands of times before finally inventing the lightbulb.  When asked about his multitude of “failures,” Edison replied, “I did not fail 10,000 times.  I successfully found 10,000 ways that wouldn’t work.”

Sara Blakely – founder of Spanx underwear for women and America’s first billionaire businesswoman – tells the story of how, when growing up, her father would ask her and her brother at the dinner table to tell him what they’d failed at that week.

He would then celebrate the “failure” and would be disappointed if the kids DIDN’T suffer a failure.  What this did for Blakely was redefine the meaning of failure.  “Failure for me became not trying vs. the outcome,” she explains.

The only true failure is the failure to try something new out of fear of failure.  So what did YOU fail at this week?

BEFORE PEOPLE CAN READ YOUR sales message they first have to open the envelope.  And one of the most effective ways to get your envelope opened is to send “lumpy mail” – an envelope with something in it, a “grabber,” that forces the recipient to pick it up and say, “I wonder what the heck is inside?”  It’s kind of the Cracker Jack strategy.

Grabbers can be pretty much anything.  And you can find inexpensive but effective grabbers at your local dollar store.  But the best source of proven lumpy mail grabbers I’ve found and used is  I’ve effectively used their bank bags, prescription bottles, mini-trash cans and fake “express” envelopes in a variety of sales pitches. Check ‘em out.

THE BIO’S MOST PEOPLE USE and post on their website suck.  Many are nothing more than a boring resume you’d expect to find from a job-seeker that simply lists “previous employment.”

Here are 5 elements to include in any good bio.  How many of these are in yours?

1.)  What have you done that will “wow” your prospects?

2.)  What have you done that will boost your credibility?

3.)  What have you done that adds “celebrity” to your background?

4.)  What have you done that highlights your expertise?

5.)  What have you done that highlights your experience?

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN entrepreneurs and wannabe entrepreneurs?  If you’ve never seen Art Williams’ “Just Do It” speech, Google it and watch.  It’s only about 5 minutes long…but it’s 5 of the best, most entertaining and motivating minutes you’ll spend today.

“But Chuck, how am I gonna find 5 minutes to watch this video?”

“Just do it.”

FAMOUS LAST WORDS: “Success is relative.  The more success you have, the more relatives you have.” – Author unknown

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